Unique Beads Glossary

At Trollbeads Gallery the uniques beads have been a major focus for over 14 years. Trollbeads unique beads continue to develop into some of the most beautiful styles of glass beads offered and the task of identifying them has become a challenge. Many of our collectors want to seek out these highly collectible beads and this has created a need to identify the designs.  PLEASE NOTE: due to website limitations I have not updated the unique designs below since I created this page 7 years ago. So think of these beads as a screenshot in the history of uniques.

We hope to show as many of the designs as we can and identify them with names we can all use to source the beads we are searching for. For reference only, beads are not for sale.

  • unique-bead-triangles.jpg

    Paint Stroked Peaks Unique beads

  • unique-bead-glossary-swag.jpg

    Swag Unique Bead or Scallop beads

  • unique-beads-3-trollbeads-g-2-.jpg

    Ribbon Unique Beads

  • unique-flowers-add.jpg

    Mini Flowers over translucent glass.

  • feathers-unique-bead.jpg

    Unique "Feathers" beads

  • unique-bead-glossary-hot.jpg

    Hot Cross Bun Unique beads 

  • unique-beads-gloassary-scal.jpg

    Scales Unique beads or Dragon Scales

  • unique-glossary-harlequin.jpg

    Harlequin beads with opaque glass

  • opaque-spinner-beads.jpg

    Spinner Beads with 3 wings on opague glass base

  • unique-bead-fleur-glossary.jpg

     Fluer de Lis unique beads.

  • two-colors-buds.jpg

    Two toned Quilt beads

  • unique-bead-spinner-bl.jpg

    Translucent Spinner beads, 3 wings

  • spinner-with-2-wings.jpg

    Translucent Spinner beads, with 2 wings

  • unique-clover.jpg

    Unique Clover beads

  • unique-glossary-armadillos.jpg

    Unique Armadillos

  • unique-bead-glossary-sm-ex.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Exclamation Marks!

  • unique-bead-glossary-harleq.jpg

    Unique Harlequins with waterlily style spots.

  • unique-glossary-braids.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Braid beads or Wheat Unique beads.

  • unique-glossary-glitter-bea.jpg

    Unique Glitter Trollbeads.

  • unique-glossary-waterlily.jpg

    Unique Waterlily design beads.

  • unique-glossary-stained-gla.jpg

    Unique "Stained Glass" Style Trollbeads.

  • unique-wave-beads-trollbead.jpg

    Unique Wave Trollbeads.

  • unique-bead-glossary-bubble.jpg

    A unique Bubble bead...Fish Eyes!

  • unique-beads-fruit-buds.jpg

    Fruit Trees with Berries Unique beads.

  • unique-bead-glossary-cards.jpg

    Unique Harlequin Card beads.

  • unique-bead-glossary-ohm.jpg

    Unique Ohm Trollbeads.

  • unique-dice-beads-trollbead.jpg

    Unique Dice Trollbeads.

  • unique-bead-glossary-four-d.jpg

    Unique Trollbeads with Four Dots in a Circle.

  • unique-bead-glossary-catapillars.jpg

    Unique Caterpillar Trollbeads. (very hard to find)

  • unique-beads-glossary-longe.jpg

    Trollbeads highly desirable Longevity Unique bead.

  • unique-glossary-squares-s.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique "Magic Carpet" beads, named by our followers on Facebook!

  • unique-glossary-beads-7.jpg

    I've only seen this design in Universal Uniques, love it! "Smiles with Big Dimples!"

  • unique-glossary-triangles.jpg

    Unique Trollbeads "Triangle" beads.

  • unique-glossary-snakes.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique "Snake" beads.

  • unique-glossary-translucent.jpg

    Unique Trollbeads "Translucent Vine" beads.

  • unique-glossary-vines.jpg

    Trollbeads "Opaque Vine" unique beads.

  • unique-dotties.jpg

    Trollbeads unique "Striped Dottie" beads.

  • unique-glossary-jellyfish.jpg

    Trollbeas Unique "Jellyfish" beads.

  • unique-glossary-twirls.jpg

    Unique Trollbeads Swirl with Buds.

  • unique-heart-beads-trollbea.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Heart Beads both Translucent and Opaque.

  • unique-glossary-3-petals.jpg

    Opaque Unique beads with 3 powder puffs!

  • unique-translucent-harlequi.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Harlequin with Translucent glass.

  • unique-trollbeads-twirl-spe.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Twirl Leaf beads.

  • troll-unique-translucent-beads-tr.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Translucent Bubbles.

  • unique-bead-glossary-glitte.jpg

    This is a difficult bead to name! Arches & Spots?

  • unique-glossary-bud-origina.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Round Buds. 

  • unique-glossary-pastel-stri.jpg

    Unique Pastel Stripe Trollbeads.

  • unique-glossary-tonal-harle.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Tonal Harlequin Design beads.

  • unique-opaque-swirls-trollb.jpg

    Trollbeads Opaque Swirl design beads.

  • unique-glossary-glitter-bud.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Glitter Bud beads.

  • unique-glossary-buds.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique "New Moons".

  • unique-glossary-swirl-bubbl.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Swirl Bubble beads.

  • unique-glossary-glittle-lea.jpg

    Trollbeads Glitter Leaf unique beads.

  • unique-glossary-kites.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Kite beads.

  • unique-medallion-spinners-t.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Medallion Spinners.

  • unique-glossary-spinner.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Spinner Buds.

  • unique-double-bubbles-75.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Bubble Within a Bubble beads.

  • unique-glossary-trollbeads-.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Banded Circles beads.

  • unique-glossary-circles.jpg

    This has been named the "Fall Out Selter" bead by a customer!

  • unique-glossary-floral.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Flower Glitter beads!

  • unique-glossary-flowers.jpg

    Trollbeads Translucent Flower beads!  Beauties all!

  • unique-glossary-small-ornam.jpg

    "Ornament" Design bead.  The original "Ornament" was a part of the retired Tibet Kit from 2006.

  • unique-beads-glossary-dillo.jpg

    The very popular Unique Armadillo in two-tones!

  • unique-bead-glossry-spirogr.jpg

    The most beautiful Unique bead ever-the Spirograph!

  • unique-bead-glossary-grub-b.jpg

    This design is known by 2 names. Cats,short for Caterpiller (but already is a Caterpiller unique) and a.k.a. Grubs!

  • unique-bead-glossary-button.jpg

    Unique Trollbeads "Buttons" beads.

  • unique-glossary-pinwheels.jpg

    Trollbeads "Pin Wheels" Unique beads.

  • unique-glossary-trees.jpg

    Trollbeads Christmas Tree Unique beads.

  • unique-glossary-fruit-vines.jpg

    Vines with fruit on opaque white beads.

  • unique-glossary-spiro.jpg

    Spirograph Unique Bead design over white coated cores.

  • unique-glossary-watercolor-.jpg

    "Watercolor" style stripe unique beads.

  • unique-bead-gloss-opague.jpg

    Juggling Cresents!

  • unique-original-bubble-trol.jpg

    Original Bubble beads.  This bead also comes in a number of colors in the Trollbeads line.

  • unique-bead-glossary-checke.jpg

    Checkerboard bead. There's a Checkerboard in Glass 1 in black and white.

  • special-design-unique-beads.jpg

    Special designs come in a rare variety of fruit, trees etc.

  • unique-glossary-glitter-spe.jpg

    Special Glitter Unique Trollbeads.

  • trollbeads-glossary-vine-3-.jpg

    Special Glitter Vines, rare and wonderful.

  • unique-glossary-spots-troll.jpg

    "Large Polka Dots" Unique Trollbeads

  • trollbeads-unique-glossary-.jpg

    Large "Raised Polka Dots" Unique Trollbeads.

  • unique-bead-glossary-triple.jpg

    These are what we call the Unique Triple Bubble Unique bead.

  • unique-glossary-tiny-flower.jpg

    Here is a relatively new unique flower design, Mini Flowers!

  • unique-bead-glossary-medall.jpg

    Unique Trollbeads Medallion FLower beads.

  • unique-glossary-clover.jpg

    Unique "Clover" Trollbeads.

  • unique-bead-glossary-swirl.jpg

    Swirling Flowers with buds unique Trollbeads.

  • unique-glossary-flower-ribb.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique flowers with winding ribbon.

  • unique-bead-glossary-hallow.jpg

    Halloween Unique Trollbeads.

  • unique-bead-glossary-holida.jpg

    Christmas themed Unique Trollbeads.

  • unique-bead-glossary-7-4.jpg

    July 4th themed Unique Trollbeads.

  • unique-bead-buds-glitter.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Glitter Buds Within Circles.

  • unique-turtles-trollbeads.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique Turtle Beads.  Very hard to find!

  • unique-bead-glossary-bowtie.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique "Bow Tie".

  • trollbeads-animal-uniques.jpg

    Trollbeads Unique "Critter" beads. Very hard to find!