Amber Beads

Among the natural materials used by Trollbeads, amber is the most ancient. Also known as Danish gold, this beautiful petrified resin dripped from prehistoric trees and into the ground. Over the next several millions of years it hardened into amber and was then buried under the earth or was washed out to sea. The Trollbeads artisans have carved and polished the raw amber to become some of the most diverse and extraordinary beads in the Trollbeads collection.

The beauty of these beads speaks for itself; however, once you learn of the multi-step process used to create an amber bead, youll value each of these Trollbeads as much as the artists do. We are sure that you will enjoy learning more about the process. The amber Trollbeads are truly amazing works of nature and man, with each one being unique. We are proud to present our silver-lined amber beads in four warm and rich colors.

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