1. How do I determine the proper bracelet size?

When measuring for bracelets, measure tightly around where your wrist is the broadest and add 2 cm or about 1 inch. This will allow enough space to add beads until your bracelet is full.

2. How does the Trollbeads bracelet work?

The bracelet comes standard with no clasp. Look through our list of clasps and find the clasp you like the best. Remember the bracelet lengths listed in the catalog include the length of the clasp.  If you order a 7.1 bracelet you will actually receive a 6.1 chain, your clasp will make the full 7.1 size bracelet.

3. Please explain how the Trollbeads concept works? 

Each bead, in the Trollbeads collection, tells a unique story. You can design your bracelet by selecting beads that have special meaning for you, and in that way create your own personal story, even if it just the design of a bead you love, that is part of you.   First select the proper bracelet size (see above).  Then visit our “Beads” category and click on the individual beads to find the ones that you like.  Typically a full bracelet can hold between 16 and 18 beads.

4. What are retired beads and can I order them? 

Retired Trollbeads are beads that Trollbeads no longer produced or sold by Trollbeads.  The values range by availability and age.  Early beads which were produced in smaller quantities have higher values, if you can find them. Be extremely cautious about any retired beads offered on Ebay , China has the ability to copy ANYTHING and do and they get distributed through    on- line auctions.  Know your source. Trollbeads Gallery always has a great selection.

5. How do I clean my Trollbeads? 

We recommend that you clean your beads with a silver polishing cloth. Do not use any cleaning solution that will remove the oxidation of the beads or bracelets, such as liquid silver polish.

6. Are Trollbeads products guaranteed? 

Trollbeads Gallery and TrollbeadsUS offers a 100% guarantee for one year on all products.

7. Do the leather necklaces require a separate clasp like the silver chains? 

Yes.  You can chose from the full line of Trollbeads Clasps.

8. How do I know if the length necklace I choose will be right for me?  

That’s easy!  Either look at the necklaces you have and go by what you like or take some string and try it at the various lengths with a Trollbead on it for weight. 

9.What clasps work on the leather bracelets?

All of the locks will work but the Lock with Buds.  We recommend that you choose a different lock for your leather bracelet.

10. Where do you ship to?

We can ship to all countries.  The shipping charge of $15.00 is figured into an address outside of North America but if you order a larger product like The Trollbeads Coffee Table Book or the Jewelry Box we will give you a quote on the actual charge. 

11. How are returns handled?

To initiate a return, text 617-699-1097 or email us on our contact page.  To maintain free shipping on all orders, we charge a $5.00 restocking fee to cover shipping to and from the customer OR we offer a full store credit to be used in the future.