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Retired Trollbeads

With 35 plus years of creating new beads Trollbeads will elect to, for a variety of reasons, discontinue making particular beads.  When this occurs it is referred to as “retiring” the Trollbead.   For serious collectors these beads are an important part of their Trollbeads collection, not only to make it “complete” but also in consideration of the overall value of the collection. The popularity of Troll beads jewelry is growing and as more people start collections, more are searching for the “hard to find” older retired beads. Old silverTrollbeads such as Joyful, Classic, Six Bands and Quatre are getting very scarce. In glass beads there are Tiger, Silver Python, Red Armadillo, Old Earth and Coyote, just to name a few of the most rare. These beads have become rare because the production in the early Troll days was so much lower because there were less Trollbeads collectors then.
The selection of retired Trollbeads we offer will be continuously changing so check back often! If you don’t see what you are hunting for email us and we will try to help you in your search.


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