Trollbeads chain was designed by a German jeweler who understood the importance of strength, functionality and beauty. Each chain is engineered to require no soldering and therefore there is no area that will become weakened over long term use.

Trollbead chains are sold without clasps to give you the choice of all the clasps offered. 
When ordering a chain, whether it is a bracelet or a necklace, remember the measurement you order will include the length of a lock even though the lock is not included. If you order a 7.5 bracelet chain you will actually be getting around a 6.5 chain.

Don’t forget to order your clasp!  All clasps are 1” except the Fish Clasp and Large Flower Clasp and they are 1 ¼” long. As mentioned above the clasp size is figured into the finished chain size.
 How do I determine the proper bracelet size? 
When measuring for bracelets, measure tightly around where your wrist is the broadest and add 2 cm or about 1 inch. This will allow enough space to add beads until your bracelet is full.