Gold Beads

All Trollbeads in the Gold collection are made from 18 Karat gold and of all the bead companies, Trollbeads is the only one that uses 18 karat gold. This is because 18 karat (18K) is the best to work with for fine details and is the warmest gold there is.  More pure than 14K it is highly regarded. The world’s best jewelry artisans use this precious metal in their jewelry work and Trollbeads certainly are part of that category.

Each one of the gold Trollbeads, as with the silver, are carved first in jewelers wax and then a plaster cast is created as a mold for the precious metal when it is heated to its molten state. The artistry that goes into the hand-carving is evident in the "Wisdom" Trollbead. This is by far the most glorious of all the Trollbeads. The rich colors of the five semi-precious stones are highlighted beautifully by the glittering intricately detailed 18K gold enfolding them.