Silver and 18 K Gold

The Trollbeads “Silver and 18K Gold” category of beads is a wonderful option for obtaining the warmth and highlights of gold, while not paying the price of solid gold. The combination of these two precious metals, silver and gold, is extremely popular in both traditional and contemporary jewelry design. By adding these Trollbeads to your collection you will create a balanced relationship between your Trollbeads collection and the precious metals jewelry you may already have.

The "Happy Universe" Trollbead design is my favorite. This bead features both a gold "sun" side and a silver "moon" side and is large and impressive in scale. In comparison, the "Flower" and "Sun" beads are smaller and are popular because their price reflects their delicate size. For delicate craftsmanship "The Nightingale” Troll bead is a miniature work of art and offers a very unique shape for your Trollbeads collection.