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Standard Trollbeads: But with a TWIST!

"Trollbeads With a Twist" can only be found here on Trollbeads Gallery. This category started out as beads that were standard Trollbeads that were different in some subtle way.  This difference is never a flaw and there are some glass beads and stone beads where the color can vary in shades and they also come in a variety of sizes.

More often than not now I photograph beads just because they are beads people want to see before they purchase.  I can't do all the beads but I do list quite a few.  If the inventory is at zero I will be filling it when I can!!

The Trollbeads that are offered here are the actual beads you will receive if ordered.  I think if gives you the chance to discover some aspect to a bead you like just like if you were in a store and able to seek out the different beads for yourself!

 PLEASE NOTE: During the Black Friday Sale I have removed the inventory of the new beads.  They are not included in the sale and I had to remove them.  If you like any of them and would like to buy them please contact me!  I will be relisting them on Dec. 1st. 



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