Flowers and Nature

The Trollbeads "Flowers and Nature" beads are some of the most popular and intricately designed of all of the silver Trollbeads. Look closely at the" Wine Harvest" beads and you can see that each grape and grape leaf are wonderfully tiny but still recognizable. The "Ocean" and "Treasures" silver and gold Troll beads are similar in their delicate silver design, but each has subtle changes and great to use if you need balance on an Ocean themed Trollbead bracelet. Some of the prettiest silver Trollbeads themed bracelets we have seen are based on the Flowers and Nature collection using Rose, Hydrangea, Bouquet and Forget Me Not. For bracelets ranging from Beach themed Trollbeads to Garden themed Trollbeads...explore the possibilities!

wine-harvest-trollbeads-gallery-49212-thumb.jpg"The Wine Harvest" Trollbead is a very popular Trollbead from the Flowers and Nature Trollbeads category.