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Inspiring Photos

The members of Trollbeads Gallery Forum love to share favorite photographs of their Trollbeads and I would love to post them here for everyone to enjoy.

If you would like to join Trollbeads Gallery Forum please click on the link and just answer a couple of questions and you'll become a member!  This way you can view all 20,000+ photos!


Fantasy Fairy with attitude! Although a Fantasy Pendant it can also be used on bracelets. This photograph is from Ginger a great photographer from Wyoming. Ginger has a photography group on Trollbeads Gallery Forum. Join and read all of her helpful hints for taking great photos of your own Trollbeads.  



A heavenly bracelet,in all whites. This is from a European collector on the Forum and I love the way she uses Trollbeads in mulitples. This Troll bracelet has 4Dicroic Ice Trollbeads, 4 Milky Quartz and 4 White Stripes. She has also used 3 Carved Flowers,  a bead I like to use in multiples too.  


Delicious Unique Amber. I took this picture after I got a bunch of the Unique Amber sets in.  The texture and tones of Trollbeads Amber always catch my eye and my imagination, think of it 50 Million years old! To see these beads being created follow the link to Unique Amber and watch the video!



Our photography guru on Trollbeads Gallery Forum, Ginger was totally taken with the Picasso Jasper Limited Edition Trollbeads.  Her photos show her her affection towards her favorite beads. Trollbeads Gallery has these listed under "Unique Trollbeads" along with the Classic and Universal Unique beads, Agates in pink and turquoise and Amber Uniques.


Armadillos! What else can I say? Look at this phenomenal collection!


Magic Carpet of Trollbeads! I adore this special from Denmark. How could I not? She has such a great collection, look closely and you'll see a lot of special Retired Trollbeads.


My purple bracelet with 3 Haiti Unique Trollbeads on the left of the Carved Flower bead in the front, Amethyst Precious Stone bead and Carved Flowers of which I have 5 on this bracelet. 


This Rogers Gallery inspiration bracelet was created by Carole, our in house Troll design specialist!  Light blues and browns catch the light and work so well together. The Denim prisms, amber beads and the Cool Dusk Trollbead


Picasso Jasper Unique Limited Edition I took this photo when my first order of the Picasso Jasper came it. I love the natural wood grain with these beads because the Picasso Jasper typicallly has beautiful natural grains.


Armadillo ,  Trollstone, Amethyst & Armadillo ... another beautiful photo from Ginger!     The depth of this Amethyst is very special when used here. I like having a lighht Amethyst bead and a dark one!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

trollbeads-gallery-picasso-.jpgMore Picasso Jasper


Playing with Black and White Trollbeads!  Carole created 10 bracelets with the black and white Trollbeads and switched out the 4 color beads in many colors to show how flexible the bracelets can be.


Beautiful Spiral Bead with others! For me this is a breathtaking photograph. A Trollbeads Gallery Forum member from Australia took this image of her special Prism, Outrageous Unique Spirograph beads and the faceted Amber.  Thank you Linda!


This exquisite collection of Bubble beads belongs to a forum member and I don't want to share her name as most of us would be out trying to find her for her beads!  We always show Bubble Beads in our unique section in both Classic Trollbeads sized cores and in the Universal sized cores.  


Another beautiful combination of colors and textures by Ginger!



 A very clever use of the Cross pendant usually used on Fantasy Chains!



These are 3 Black Mosaic Flowers I got in that were so bright and reflective!


This bracelet has it's beauty from the gold but also from the beautiful Amethyst beads and the Unique Purple beads!


I took this picture when these beads were released. I love the Golden Quartz here and how the sun passes through all the facets.


This was one of my own inspiration bracelets I showed on the Forum.


Another one of Trollbeads Gallery's inspiration bracelets from a couple of years ago.


Trollbeads gallery again! I love this one!!


This hilarious Trollbeads Skeleton Necklace is taking a break from all the Trollbeads Fest 2011!


This Trollbeads Gallery designed bracelet shows off the new Autumn 2011 Trollbeads!

trollbeads-gallery-insp-wit.jpgThis was one of our last dahlias of the fall and I chose this bracelet to show it off! 


This is a leather bracelet I created to be used as a necklace using only gold and amber.  


pink-valentine-s-trollbeads.jpgTrollbeads Gallery Valentine's Bracelet 


Unique amber and striped pink Agate Trollbeads in the sun.


Jasper,Chocolate Parrots,Labradorites.


By just adding that little gold mini heart the bracelet had more detail.


You can see with this bracelet how successful it can be when you double up on beads.  The Flower Clouds is used twice!


Here is one of my bracelets with green unique beads and gold. The tag is a charm with my grandson's names. 


Here we have used mostly Unique Trollbeads in a variety of blues.You can view our Unique Trollbeads in color families if you choose!


The calming quality of the light aqua beads work well together with the silvers on this Trollbeads bracelet.troll-beads-gallery-93-12.jpg

The new glass Trollbead "Wave of Dreams" is stunning and always different as its patterning is unique each time!

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