Sandstone Bead Retired With A Twist:29

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This is a larger bead.


Trollbeads With A Twist are standard Trollbeads that are different in some subtle way.  This difference is never a flaw but there are some glass beads and even stone beads where the color can vary in shades and they also come in a variety of sizes. The beads that are offered here are the actual beads you will receive if ordered.  I think if gives you the chance to discover some aspect to a bead you like just like if you were in a store and able to seek out the different beads for yourself!

Sandstone Trollbead: Coming from the ground, sandstone has been used as building material from ancient times to present day. Many temples and cathedrals are built of sandstone.

The "Sandstone" Trollbeads were released in the Spring of 2013. Retired in 2018.

The beads from the Rocky Beach Kit tend to be larger in scale.

This is a pretty light grey,  beige version of this bead!