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Group 2

Trollbeads "Glass Group 2", much like "Glass Group 1", is a group of extraordinary Trollbeads. As with the first grouping of glass Trollbeads, molten glass is wound around a mandrel, which is a thin rod of stainless steel, to form each bead. However, the beads in Glass Group 2 are more intricate creations.

Additional steps are taken to bring each Trollbead in this group to its creative limit. In 2004 the Trollbeads Chakra series was introduced, along with Black Gold,Third EyePink Gold and Light Blue Gold which all feature a brilliant trail of 24K gold leaf. The gold leaf is applied to each bead, surrounding the various base colors. The gold enhanced beads are then finished with a layer of clear glass. The pure colors of the Chakra Trollbeads make a striking contrast against the bright gold leaf. 

A brilliant addition to this Trollbeads group in 2009 introduced the Mosaic series, beads with dicroic glass embedded just below the top layer of glass. With Milky Way, Moon Ocean and Silver Gold Trace the collection continues to wow collectors and with each addition to the Glass Group 2 category and we are reminded how Trollbeads continues to evolve with each new release.

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