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Artistic and fashionably elegant, Trollbeads are considered to be the premier leader in European-styled charms. Trollbeads are the new generation of "charm bracelets" featuring charms not only crafted using precious metals,amber and gemstones, but most important, glass. Glass bead lampworking is a delicate process that begins with a rod of clear or colored glass being heated until it becomes molten. The artist then applies it to a mandrel and slowly turns the mandrel until it is entirely encircled by the molten glass. The first application of glass creates the base of the bead. With a Trollbeads glass bead, the artist then proceeds to use complex and often "trade-secret" techniques that result in the breathtaking creation that becomes a work of art. It is remarkable to me that with each release of new Trollbeads the result continues to spark a new love with each Trollbead.

Trollbeads offer more than 100 styles of glass beads in an amazing array of colors, textures, and patterns. However, if you want a truly unique bead, you can visit our Unique Trollbead section to find those beads that will be yours only.

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