Agate Dendritic: With a Twist 84

TSTBE-20014 -84
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This stone was discovered more than 2300 years ago. It is said to create a peaceful environment. Dendritic Agate helps you to live life in peace and to enjoy every moment. It brings you stability in the times where you are confused.

It is a great Trollbead to collect many of because they come in so many different "looks".  This one has a great all over look and it's a really pretty light grey and I've given you 2 photos to look at because stones can look so different from side to side.

Our Trollbeads with a Twist is a category offering regular Trollbeads that are slightly different and if gives website buyers a chance to go on their own adventure looking for a rare version of a regular bead.

I love stone Trollbeads because they are always so unique.  Sometimes this bead comes in translucent, sometimes slightly translucent and like this one...opaque!  What a variety.

Look at both of the photos so you can see the whole bead. 

This bead has such great drama!